From the 19th Century to Today


The trend that keeps on giving.

Fair Isle Knits first came about over a hundred years ago in a tiny island north of Scotland, when fisherman’s wives knitted patterned wool sweaters for their husbands to keep them warm. The pattern gained widespread popularity in 1921 when the Prince of Wales brought Fair Isle patterned V-neck pullover to the public. It’s well into the 21st Century and our love for Fair Isle Knits is still going strong. These knits are made with circular patterns combining straight lines, geometric shapes, bold stripes, and blocks of color, creating a cheerful and organic effect. The patterns are not only seen on sweaters, but on socks, gloves, scarves and ties among other menswear items.

In the tradition of women wearing clothing designed for men, we’ve noticed a presence of Fair Isle Knits in women’s clothing, as seen on sweaters, vests, socks, and leggings as the pattern has made it’s way into being a trend for Winter. While designers are previewing their Spring/Summer and even Fall collections, we realize that it’s still cold out. Make the most out of your sweaters this year by wearing Fair Isle Knits into the very end of the Winter season.

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