2.14-2.17…The Weekender


With so many reasons to be festive this weekend, including Valentines Day and Presidents Day, you’ll want to be sure you celebrate both in the best way. Many of us even have a three-day weekend, giving us more time to enjoy the weekend ahead of us. If you’re in NYC for the next few days, forget about the Nor’Easter and enjoy your weekend with these fun events.

Friday, 2/14

Manon for Valentines Day

Manon for Valentines Day

Valentines Day
If you still don’t have plans for this special night, here’s a list of restaurants with Valentines Day specials.

Lovers Ball
Secret Location
There’s no escaping Valentines Day on February 14th, but whether you’re single, taken, there’s still reason to celebrate at the Lover’s Ball. Put on your black tie best and head over to the ball for a night of dancing, drinking, and mingling.

Saturday, 2/15

Cupid’s Brunch at Hotel Chantelle
What better way to end Valentines Day Weekend than with brunch at a bar that serves Truffle Grilled Cheese? Head over to Hotel Chantelle for their Cupid’s Brunch, featuring a 2-course menu for $19.92 per person and 92 cent select brunch cocktails.

Sunday, 2/16


Harlem Globetrotters at Barclays
Everyone’s favorite funny, trick-playing basketball team —The Harlem Globetrotters— will be playing at Barclays this weekend. Don’t miss your chance to watch basketball and be extremely entertained.

Monday, 2/17

Beginning of Restaurant Week
NYC Restaurant Week begins on Monday, and what better way to celebrate Presidents Day than by eating delicious meals from the menu’s of high-end restaurants around the city for an affordable price?

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