By Terry Flanagan

2015 Outlook: Adnane Charchour, Scivantage

Adnane Charchour is CEO of Scivantage, a provider of financial technology.

What were the major themes of your business in 2014?

Adnane Charchour, Scivantage

Adnane Charchour,

Delivering on our promise of transformative technology was a central driver of 2014. To this point, we’ve placed a dedicated focus on new product development this past year. With the launch of “sqope™, we’ve taken a new outlook on performance measurement and reporting, bringing together social analytics and data-driven insights. In an effort to transform the client investment experience, we’ve introduced the NextGen framework of Scivantage Investor and made notable releases in our mobile offering. The addition of OptionsPlay® on our investment platform was an important move for us as well—it enables us to redefine the market data research process and increase transaction activity for our clients.

What are your expectations for 2015?
Our 2015 outlook is all about advancing as an information-enabled firm. In our 15-year history, we have matured into a pioneer in the financial technology landscape, and we look forward to continuing in our tradition of developing transformative solutions for the industry. In this regard, my expectation is that the ubiquity of big data is becoming increasingly relevant to our customers, and therefore a more significant driver in everything we do.

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