By Terry Flanagan

2015 Outlook: Bob Sloan, S3

Robert Sloan is managing partner of S3, a provider of financial analytics.

What were the major themes of your business in 2014?
We have always been a technology-based company assisting clients to meet reporting, data and market structure challenges, and this year there was no greater challenge than Basel III. The Basel III accords, which are now going into effect, impact how asset managers trade.

Robert (Bob) Sloan, S3 partners

Robert (Bob) Sloan, S3 partners

To meet these requirements, the buy side needs to be able to quickly gather data for any asset class, all products and in any format. This year we launched BLACKLIGHT, the first product designed to aggregate, analyze and action data in a single, web-based platform.

What are your expectations for 2015?
I see 2015 as the year where managers have to grapple with even smaller wallets. Costs will have a meaningful impact on return but those who understand how the market structure changes caused by Basel III will create trading and arbitrage opportunities.

I fully expect the financial landscape in 2015 to change as much as or even more than it did in 2014. It will be the year where information management and portfolio management become joined at the hip. Already complicated systems could grow even more complicated. (Basel IV talks have begun!) At S3, this means we will continue to evolve with these trends, providing customized solutions for our clients.

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