Asian Connectivity Buildouts Continue

Terry Flanagan

NYSE Technologies embeds local DMA provider Metabit into its portfolio.

Financial technology providers are building up their presence in the Asia/Pacific region by blending their own products and services with special-purpose platforms customized for the region.

NYSE Technologies, for example, has embedded Metabit, a Tokyo-based provider of high performance market access products throughout Japan and Asia, within its product portfolio. Metabit’s products connect buy-side order flow with sell-side exchange participants and are designed exclusively for low latency direct market access (DMA) and exchange connectivity to markets throughout Asia.

“NYSE continues to focus its efforts on building a strong presence in Japan and the broader Asia region,” Daniel Burgin, head of NYSE Technologies Asia, told Markets Media.

“The acquisition of Metabit represents a strategic investment and ongoing commitment to Japan and Asia as part of NYSE Technologies’ community strategy,” he said. “It is another significant step in increasing our commitment in the region as we look for better ways to serve our global customer base.”

The strategy includes the upcoming launch of NYSE Technologies’ Tokyo Liquidity Center facility.

“The Tokyo Liquidity Center is part of the strategic vision for creating a globally connected ecosystem that offers greater connectivity to markets and access to liquidity in key trading destinations around the world,” Burgin said. “Combined with our primary Liquidity Centers in the U.S. and U.K., this is a unique example of what we can offer our customers and how we can help enhance trading in global capital markets.”

As part of the Metabit acquisition, NYSE Technologies will provide FIX infrastructure and connectivity from CameronTec, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orc Group, for its Asian operations.

Before being acquired by NYSE Technologies, Metabit was utilizing CameronFIX inside its Japan MLH (Market LiquidityHub) to power connectivity to Japan based sell sides and be embedded in Japan exchange connectivity for order routing.

“With the transfer of the licenses, NYSE Technologies will continue to support CameronTec’s FIX engines in Japan and work with a wide range of customers throughout the region,” said Burgin. “NYSE Technologies is working to build a global trading community, or ecosystem for our customers, and the continuation of supporting CameronTec’s products in Japan fits nicely into that strategy.”

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