By Terry Flanagan

ATSs Expand Tech Offerings

PLUS Markets Group launches “exchange-in-a-box.”

Operators of alternative trading systems are building out separate technology organizations in order to satisfy a growing demand by broker-dealers for their own matching engines.

“In response to the rapidly changing regulatory environment, there is a growing demand from market participants such as investment banks, brokers and trading venues to segregate or set-up matching systems,” Hirander Misra, a strategic advisor to PLUS Markets Group, told Markets Media.

PLUS Markets Group, operator of PLUS Stock Exchange (PLUS-SX) and PLUS Derivatives Exchange (PLUS-DX, has launched PLUS Trading Solutions (PLUS-TS), a trading platform technology enabling investment banks, brokers and trading venues to establish outsourced matching systems that are compliant with regulatory initiatives, including include MiFID II and European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), as well as enabling compliance with new categories of regulatory infrastructure.

PLUS-TS will provide a low-latency, high-throughput exchange platform, PLUSMatch, an outsourced matching service that’s hosted and managed by PLUS-TS.

The service can be hosted in multiple primary sites for individual customers who want to operate a trading venue (e.g. a broker dark pool, ECN/ MTF, other smaller exchanges), with the benefit of exchange compliance and regulation that is designed for MiFID II and EMIR compliance, said Misra.

“PLUS-TS to the growing demand from market participants to segregate or create their own matching systems, he said.

“PLUS-TS offers customers a fully managed order-matching and surveillance system – essentially an ‘exchange-in-a-box’ solution,” Misra said.

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