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Best of Chicago

10.23.2013 By Markets Media Life

Looking for the best places to go in Chicago? We’ve compiled a list of the best food, drink, and relaxation places in the Windy City!

Lou Malnati's Pizza

Lou Malnati’s Pizza

Best Deep-Dish Pizza: Lou Malnati’s
Made with vine-ripened tomatoes hand-picked from California, exclusive seasoned sausage blend, fresh mozzarella, and a family secret recipe for flaky, buttery crust, Lou Malnati’s Chicago-Style Pizza has been a crowd favorite since 1971, and wins our award for Best Deep-Dish Pizza. If your mouth isn’t watering from the picture alone, then this will do the trick. The order in which the ingredients are placed on the pizzas is what makes Lou Malnati’s the best Chicago-Style pizza around. The dough is patted out by hand and raised along the sides of a seasoned deep-dish pan. Slices of fresh mozzarella are then placed directly on the dough. Additional toppings such as sausage, mushrooms, and onions are spread on top of the mozzarella. Fresh tomato sauce is piled on top of the mixture, and is finished with sprinklings of parmesan cheese and spices. Check out their website for more information and locations.

Dark Matter Coffee

Dark Matter Coffee

Best Coffee Shop: Dark Matter Coffee
With a mission to educate the community on how to roast, brew, serve, taste, and appreciate a great cup of coffee, Dark Matter Coffee truly stands out as an amazing coffee shop, winning the Best Chicago Coffee shop award. Being one of the premier artisan roasters in the country, Dark Matter Coffee brews unique blends, and innovative iced coffees. Two flagship blends–A Love Supreme and Unicorn Blood–separate Dark Matter Coffee from the rest. Try some delicious artisan coffee blends at their shop at 738 N. Western Ave, and visit their website to learn more about the company and their other coffee shop, Star Lounge.

The Spa at Trump Hotel

The Spa at Trump Hotel

Best Luxury Spa: The Spa at Trump Hotel
With magnificent views of the Chicago River, a private Celestial Spa suite, Swiss Shower and sauna, and a heated indoor swimming pool, the Trump Spa offers the best in relaxation, coming in at number 1 for Best Luxury Spa in Chicago. You can choose from a variety of Personal-Intentions including Calm, Balance, Purify, Heal or Revitalize to enhance your spa experience. Offering state-of-the-art gym equipment, yoga instructors and personal trainers, and a spa Attaché to attend to your needs throughout the journey, make the best of your Chicago stay at the Spa at Trump Hotel.

Best Bar in Chicago: Scofflaw
A gin-focused cocktail bar featuring American craft beers, with small plates by Chef Mickey Neely wins first place. With two different rooms giving off different vibes–the front being more austere, the back more colorful–Scofflaw offers an atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. With gin as the main ingredient in the signature cocktails, how could we give Scofflaw any rating other than Best Bar in Chicago?

Lead image credit: Flickr/Kevin Dooley

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