Blue Isle FX Adds OTC FX Exotic Options Support


NASSAU, Bahamas, December 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Isle Markets, Inc. dba/ “Blue Isle FX” has expanded its product offerings with a new institutional platform of OTC FX Exotic Options, including Knock-In’s and Knock-Out’s to provide optimal hedging opportunities and enhanced ability to profit from the utilization of non-standard underlying instruments.

The goal is to expand Blue Isle FX’s current platform for commercial clients and provide up and coming professional traders/manager with new access to trade OTC FX exotic options, augmenting their current vanilla spot options – all at institutional pricing.

“The most important fact for any trader to understand, and be certain of, is that their broker and counterparty pricing can be trusted to deliver the pricing and ordered needed, and not to have their orders ran or having their orders push by an unscrupulous desk of dealers trading against them behind the scenes. I believe there are only a few broker-dealers in the world that offer this commitment and we are proud to be one of them,” said Blue Isle FX’s General Manager, Michael Stewart.

Blue Isle FX’s team is led by experienced, 25+ year traders who offer only ECN/STP FX market liquidity to their clients and understand the importance of direct market access and good pricing. Both commercial trading clients and seasoned prop traders benefit from Blue Isle FX’s exceptional services.

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