Broadway Technology Celebrates Eight Years Providing High-Performance Trading Solutions to the World’s Premier Financial Institutions


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New York and Austin, Oct 3, 2011 – Broadway Technology, LLC, the emerging leader in high-performance trading solutions for top-tier global banks and hedge funds, celebrates the eight-year anniversary of its founding on October 3, 2003. Broadway has been profitable every year since its launch eight years ago, with revenues growing more than 50% annually the past four years, thanks to Broadway’s innovative turnkey software solutions and groundbreaking patented enterprise platform the TOC™, an event driven, distributed data-oriented architecture that underpins all Broadway’s solutions.

The TOC simplifies and accelerates the development of large scale low-latency distributed systems using any mix of technologies. It allows Broadway’s customers to build their own advanced trading systems and integrates easily with their existing infrastructure. With the asset-agnostic TOC doing the heavy lifting, Broadway’s customers can focus on building their own unique proprietary technology that gives them a competitive edge in the markets. Broadway’s software has the unique capacity to meet every trading organization’s needs and manages billions of dollars in transactions daily worldwide.

Broadway was founded in 2003 by Tyler Moeller and Joshua Walsky, high-frequency algorithmic traders with advanced degrees in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Cornell University and backgrounds in enterprise software. Chief Executive Officer Moeller said, “Broadway Technology is proud of its remarkable achievements over the past eight years, delivering innovative trading software to leading buy-side and sell-side firms. We’ve flown under the radar up until now, but with our proven record of success with top tier players and an incredible team in place, Broadway is positioned for rapid growth and is just beginning its public campaign.”

Joshua Walsky, Chief Technology Officer, said, “Broadway has demonstrated that its software is revolutionary and its people are among the best and brightest. Our software is game changing and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what we can do.”


About Broadway Technology
Broadway Technology is the emerging leader in high-performance financial trading solutions and consulting services for top-tier global banks and hedge funds. Broadway’s software manages billions of dollars in transactions daily worldwide for premier financial institutions. Founded in 2003 by experts in computer science, high frequency algorithmic trading and enterprise software, Broadway has been profitable every year since its inception, with revenues having grown more than 50% annually since 2008. The company has employees spread across five countries with headquarters located in New York and Austin. To learn more about Broadway, visit us at: www.broadwaytechnology.com, or contact us at: info@broadwaytechnology.com / tel: 646.912.6450.

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