By Terry Flanagan

eFront Acquires AnalytX

eFront, a provider of software for the alternative investment market, has acquired fellow software provider AnalytX. Based in the U.S. and Europe, AnalytX provides front-to-back office technology solutions for small- to medium-sized companies within the alternative investment industry.

By incorporating the AnalytX product set into its portfolio, eFront will be in a position to offer solutions for the entire market, regardless of the size, sophistication, or complexity of customers’ demands.

“AnalytX and its product offering is a perfect complement for our business at this stage of our global growth story,” said Olivier Dellenbach, CEO, founder, and president of eFront. “The acquisition will allow us to do what we do best – provide alternative investment firms with a competitive edge via increased efficiency, agility, and better information management – but for a much larger swathe of the market than previously.”

The acquisition means that the industry will have access to a comprehensive range of products from a single source, from packaged to highly bespoke tailored systems, eFront said.

It also acts as a conduit for global growth; AnalytX’s North American presence among small- to medium-sized businesses will boost eFront’s ongoing expansion into the region, while eFront leverages its European and Asian presence to deliver AnalytX products to new markets.

“eFront are an excellent fit for us in terms of company ethos, culture, and values,” said Donald Winger, president and founder at AnalytX. “The market is seeing increased demand for both high-end, tailored solutions as well as simpler, packaged solutions. It makes good business sense for us to pool our resources to ensure that we provide our customers with the solution that best suits their individual needs.”

Bringing both product sets under one roof will enable the sharing of information, features, and expertise as products are enhanced and developed to the benefit of customers.

AnalytX customers will also now benefit from access to other eFront products such as Investment Café and Pevara. There are no plans to alter or discontinue any of AnalytX’s existing products or product roadmaps, meaning there will be no disruption to existing customers of either company. However, as a key supporter of the AltExchange initiative, eFront will work to apply its principles of data standardization to the AnalytX products.

The acquisition forms the latest chapter of a period of significant growth for eFront, and builds on the momentum of its acquisition of Investment Café last year. During the past five years the company has enjoyed a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent and opened new offices in Sydney, Abu Dhabi and San Francisco.

It also comes during a period of ever more onerous regulatory requirements, reduced margins, and increasing pressure on costs for the alternative investment industry, necessitating the deployment of modern, sophisticated investment management systems.

“As the largest global software provider dedicated to the alternative investment space,” said Dellenbach, “today’s news marks yet another step in extending our outstanding track record of technological innovation, pioneering solutions, and top quality customer service.”

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