Wed Jul 11 2018

Summer Trading 2018


Institutional Adventures in Crypto: Volatility and Visibility
The case for trading cryptocurrencies is validated not through hype, but rather higher transaction levels and overall notional traded, as well as clarity that the business is profitable and sustainable. As new venues launch and promote new products and services, traditional institutions face new realities of what cryptocurrency means, how it is valued, how it is and will be regulated, and how to trade it.
* How and where are crypto/ICOs disrupting capital markets?
* How is crypto market structure developing?
* What does the future hold in this emerging and volatile space?


Breaking the Mold: Next-Gen Trading Technology
The fourth industrial revolution is underway and the transformation is impacting the trading desk every day. From getting to work in autonomous cars to automating legacy processes and workflow, this discussion will focus on keeping up with the latest trends in next-gen trading and firms that will support the latest tools to provide for innovative capabilities.
* What are the latest innovative use cases?
* Which companies and individuals are leading the charge?
* How are trading decisions being influenced?


Business Case for AI: Alexa, Can You…
Artificial intelligence and machine learning has new meaning to the trading community. From pre-trade decision making to post-trade compliance and/or responding to regulatory inquiries, the application of AI has inserted real business practicality and design into a wide range of application.
* What are the latest innovative use cases?
* When do you value human capital greater?
* Where do you see AI going from here?



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