Exactpro and BNY Mellon Win Swift Hackathon 2022

Exactpro and BNY Mellon Win Swift Hackathon 2022

Exactpro, an independent software testing services provider for financial market infrastructures, is honoured to be recognised winner of the Digital Assets Ownership challenge of the Swift Hackathon 2022 alongside BNY Mellon prevailing in the Interoperability challenge.

The Hackathon finale came as part of Sibos 2022, Europe’s premier financial services conference, taking place last week. In line with this year’s Sibos theme of Progressive Finance for a Changing World, the Hackathon’s focus was turned to digital assets. Challenge 1 teams tackled the problem of interoperability between ledgers, as well as between traditional and distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems. Challenge 2 addressed the issues of ownership of digitally native assets.

Exactpro’s winning solution – Project “Footprint” – is an analytical framework intended to collect and analyse ownership-related information of digital assets and visualise the data in an intuitive way in the form of profiles. The Exactpro team’s expertise in software testing helped shape the approach.

“Our test data generation and aggregation capabilities are at the core of the solution. With the technical disparity we are currently seeing in the digital assets space, we’ve had to come up with an architecture that can accommodate changes to systems and protocols for years to come. We also kept in mind that in the hyper-connected world of today, a solution to tracking ownership should draw from a multitude of channels and go beyond just the trading platforms,” comments Marina Kudriavtseva, Head of DLT, Exactpro.

Iosif Itkin, co-CEO and co-founder of Exactpro, adds: “We have been taking part in large-scale digital transformation projects with our clients over the past few years, and it’s nice to see the experience we have gained in the DLT domain carry over to addressing the finance community’s most pertinent challenges. We are delighted to win this award, following on from our runner-up position in the Swift Hackathon 2021 challenge on Building ‘synthetic’ data-sets required for AI-based product development, whilst protecting privacy.”

Read the Swift Hackathon 2022 wrap-up article on swift.com featuring an interview with Abhay Navale, BNY Mellon’s Global Head of Digital Assets Technology and Iosif Itkin, Exactpro CEO and co-founder.

Source: Exactpro

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