The Eyewear of Your Dreams


Eyewear is not just for seeing, and no one proves that more than Oleg Rabinovich, the mastermind behind Surreal Eyewear. Living up to its name, Surreal Eyewear is unique in the sense that much of the eyewear sold in the shop are products you can only think up in your imagination. Ever heard of sunglasses made out of leaves, imported all the way from France? Turning imagination into reality, Oleg travelled halfway across the world to bring those extraordinary frames to Surreal Eyewear.

That’s not to say that the only frames sold in the store are otherworldly, or only to be seen on the likes of Lady Gaga (although he does have a pair of glasses that were designed for her). Providing his customers with new, vintage, and custom eyewear, Oleg can assure his clients that they will be walking out of Surreal Eyewear with frames that they are unlikely to find anywhere else. Having such unique frames attracts many customers to his West Village Gallery, from Hollywood to eyewear lovers, and even just your regular shopper.

Dedicated to his craft, Oleg travels around the world to collect unique frames that he can offer his clients. Frames from designers including Thierry Lasry, Anne et Valentin, Anni Shades, Oliver Goldsmith and Claire Goldsmith, Dzmitry Samal, Face a Face and more. He also carries frames that were designed for Audrey Hepburn, really playing to the Surreal mission of being “a museum of eyewear.”

Helping his customers find their own personal style, Oleg adds to the work-of-art frames he carries by allowing his clients to create custom-made glasses. Oleg compares himself to a tailor for clothing. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of NYC, Surreal Eyewear offers customers a luxurious in-store experience, giving you the full one-on-one treatment. While getting to know his customer’s measurements, he forms relationships with them, which makes the experience more enjoyable. The custom frames are all made in the United States, and are named after the customer that designed them. All measurements taken are kept on file for future purchases. Having such a close relationship with his habitué is part of the reason why most of them are repeat clients.

More than just a store for voguish frames, they are opticians, specializing in helping clients see their best while also putting emphasis on style. Surreal carries their own line of frames, made in the United States out of Mazzuchelli plastic. The fine material as well as Oleg’s background as a carpenter gives you the confidence that your frames will last for years. Surreal Eyewear also has a blog, where they write about new styles from the designers they sell, along with quotes that link Surreal Eyewear to the art of surrealism.

Anyone who has an appreciation for sophisticated and undeniably chic eyewear will love the Surreal Experience. Being an accessory that provides a function while also adding detail to any outfit, eyewear proves that its sole purpose is not just to help us see. With the help of Surreal Eyewear, you’ll be begging those that aren’t as in-the-know to call you “four-eyes.”

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