The Famous Grouse


By May Zhee Lim, Markets Media Life Correspondent

It’d be a shame to leave the British Isles without at least a visit to the whisky distilleries in the picturesque Scottish countryside. If you only have time to make one trip, consider stopping by the Glenturret distillery. It is Scotland’s oldest distillery and the only one to still use good old-fashioned methods of whisky production, instead of modern machinery or computers.

Established in 1775, the distillery is a repository of history and interesting attractions (like the world’s largest bottle of whisky and a statue dedicated to its legendary distillery cat – both are in the Guinness Book of World Records) on top of exceptional malts and blends. Lucky for us, the distillery offers a series of guided tours that take visitors through this rich history as well as the whisky making journey, from the milling of the grains to the moment the casks are laid down to sleep. Visitors are also given a virtual tour of Scotland in the distillery’s award-winning interactive show, and they can learn about how the distillery’s ingredients are sourced.

Famous Grouse Barrels Famous Grouse barrels outside the Glenturret distillery in Scotland.

Famous Grouse barrels outside the Glenturret distillery in Scotland. Photo via Flickr/ Paul Watson

The Glenturret is also home to The Famous Grouse, one of the world’s most popular blends and Scotland’s national drink. The distillery offers a tour called The Famous Grouse Experience, allowing visitors to glean how the Glenturret Highland Single Malt (one of the key whiskies used in The Famous Grouse blend) is made in the distillery using traditional methods and equipment. After the tour, visitors will be able to sample two whiskies of their choice – one of the Glenturret Malt, one of the The Famous Grouse varieties.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Uutela under creative commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Uutela under creative commons

Located on the banks of the Turret River, two miles northwest of Crieff in Perthshire, the distillery is only an hour away from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Tours run regularly throughout the day, starting at 9.30am. Tours can be booked online 48 hours in advance here or upon arrival at the distillery.

Featured image via Flickr/Sura Ark

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