FINRA Tweaks Treasuries TRACE Reporting


On Monday, January 22, 2018, in response to requests by member firms, FINRA will implement changes to the TRACE for Treasuries (US Treasuries) trade reporting retention period. Currently, trade reports for U. Treasuries transactions are retained on a rolling two-day period (T-1). Following the change, trade reports for U.S. Treasuries transactions will be retained on a rolling three-day period (T-2).

Starting January 22, firms will be able to perform TRACE for Treasuries trade cancellations and corrections on transactions during the T-2 retention period. Firms with access to TRAQS can search and view trades that were reported to TRACE during the retention period.

FINRA also has updated the TRACE Trade Reporting Specifications for Treasuries in conjunction with the T-2 change. A revision table of changes is included within each document.

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