FinTech For All Charter Launches

At the start of this year, we launched FinTech For All and carried out an industry-wide research project to understand bias & harassment across FinTech.

We wanted to help create a ‘speak up’ culture across the industry. Because when employees feel empowered to speak up about problematic behaviours, we end a silence that harms individuals, companies, and the sector at large.

The survey data revealed three key findings:

  • 85% of workplace harassment is gender based with high incidents of ‘everyday sexism’
  • 84% of sector employees have been harassed more than once
  • 10% of the incidents logged were instances of ‘unwanted physical contact’ such as groping

With these insights we are now working with the FCA, Innovate Finance, FinTech Alliance and Level 39 to shape resources and tools to support the sector.

Today, we invite our colleagues across UK FinTech to sign our FinTech For All Charter, demonstrating a commitment to a culture where inclusive behaviours are championed, harassment is not tolerated, and where everyone is accepting of diversity. Moving forwards, we will be working to support our signatories in this crucial work.

Source: InChorus

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