Flextrade To Offer Institutional Research To Flextrader Ems Users Via Rsrchxchange


News Wire — FlexTrade Systems, a global leader in multi-asset execution management systems, is pleased to announce its partnership with RSRCHXchange, the online marketplace for institutional research, to provide buy-side traders with immediate alerts to the availability of relevant research via the company’s FlexTRADER EMS.

Launched in September 2015, the RSRCHX platform was built in consultation with asset management institutions and research providers to improve upon the cumbersome legacy practices of research distribution and procurement.  The platform enables asset managers to buy research in a more efficient, transparent and auditable way. They can also be entitled to access research from their existing providers, while the RSRCHX Dashboard allows asset managers to track firm-wide research consumption and improve the procurement process, which helps firms stay ahead of MiFID II unbundling requirements.

Within FlexTRADER’s trading blotter, the publication of new research on an instrument can be used as an indicator in FlexTrade’s low-touch order automation.  A new piece of research might mean an order which was previously categorised as “low touch”, with no human interaction, might now require manual intervention.

FlexTRADER’s open architecture and recent integration with Symphony’s secure communications service enables traders to flag research to portfolio managers via Symphony with a single click.  The portfolio manager can then decide whether they want to purchase the research and potentially adjust their investment decision.

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