FTSE Russell Excludes Russia from Fixed Income Indices


FTSE Russell has announced the proposed course of action to the FTSE Fixed Income Indices:

All ruble and non-ruble denominated Russian government bonds, and hard currency bonds issued by Russian domiciled issuers will be excluded from all FTSE fixed income indices, effective as of March 2022 month-end (April 2022 index profiles).

The price and accrued interest for all ruble-denominated government bonds, hard currency domestic (“RU” ISINs) government bonds and explicitly sanctioned Russian entities will be set to zero, effective as of 07 March 2022. This is in recognition of the practical impact of the capital controls imposed by the Russian government on investors.

The full technical notice relating to this announcement can be found at the following link: https://research.ftserussell.com/products/index-notices/home/getnotice/?id=2603615

Source: FTSE Russell

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