GMEX Named Amongst Leading UK Blockchain Companies


GMEX Group (GMEX), a provider of innovative exchange, post-trade and digital technology solutions, is pleased to have been identified as one of the leaders in the implementation of blockchain technology in the Financial Services industry in a first-of-its-kind, report on the state of the Blockchain Industry in the United Kingdom. The report was launched at a Reception in London at the Houses of Parliament on Monday 16 July.

The 960-page report was created by Big Innovation Centre, DAG Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics who have worked together to conduct the most comprehensive analysis of the UK-based Blockchain and Crypto Economy Industries to date, in coordination with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain).

The report recognises GMEX as amongst the top 10 leading UK Blockchain companies and a successful example of a Blockchain FinTech company. It highlights Fusion, GMEX’s hybrid centralised & Blockchain based global exchange trading, market surveillance, post trade infrastructure and digital solutions suite to tokenise multiple asset classes and two GMEX-backed initiatives illustrating how blockchain is being implemented to support the crypto economy in emerging markets.

The first, FinComEco – a fully integrated financial & commodities ecosystem
launched by GMEX Group – delivers high impact projects facilitating agricultural value chain efficiencies through provision of strategic value-added services including electronic warehouse receipt systems; physical exchanges and trading platforms; commodities and input finance; and digital banking, training and capacity building. This includes the establishment of commodities exchanges underpinned by Blockchain technology.

The second, MINDEX – the Mauritius-based International Derivatives and Commodities Exchange – will enable sourcing, trading and financing of ethically sourced gold from bona fide sources by using Blockchain for provenance verification and creation of digital gold asset based on it.

The report also named Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO of GMEX Group, as one of the Top 10 Business sector UK Blockchain Influencers and part of the Top 40 influencers overall, with an additional 10 selected from each of Parliament & Government, Academia and Think Tanks & Hubs.

Hirander Misra commented, “I am delighted, both personally and for the team at GMEX, to have been included in this comprehensive report into such an important and growing part of the UK economy and technology space.” Adding, “This is an exciting stage in the development of blockchain technology and with our GMEX Fusion solutions, we at GMEX are committed to making best use of the benefits it brings globally, where it is most appropriate.”

Sean Kiernan, CEO at DAG Global commented, “We are very pleased to have collaborated with several leading UK blockchain partners and firms to create this landmark report, which we hope will invite further discussion about the future of the industry in this country. This has been a wonderful opportunity to deepen our ongoing partnership with GMEX, by establishing a dialogue through this and anticipated future reports with key decision-makers.”

The report outlines the current state of the Blockchain and Crypto Economy industries, summarises the history of its development, and offers concrete projections relating to its evolution over the course of the next several years, detailing why the UK has significant potential to become a major world leader of the Digital & Crypto Economy ecosystem.

“GMEX is a notable practical case profiled in the report providing clear example of the progressive UK FinTech company merging traditional legacy economy with the new rising Digital Crypto economy. One of the main conclusions of the analytical report is that UK will become major global Hub for this new economy. I would envision that GMEX in particular will be one the crucial elements to make that opportunity for the UK to become reality.” – said Dmitry Kaminskiy, founder of Deep Knowledge Analytics, one of the main entities standing behind creation of the report.

The report offers in-depth profiles of identified major companies, investors, influencers, R&D centres, and other industry and governmental entities and players. It also includes coverage of relevant government initiatives, regulatory frameworks and guidelines, and industry roadblocks both today and anticipated in the next several years.

The 960-page report and Executive Summary can be downloaded from
http://www.appg-blockchain. org/blockchain-industry-in-uk- landscape-overview-q2-2018/
http://dkv.global/blockchain- in-uk

Source: GMEX

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