Having the Addams Over


Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day filled with dark and scary superstitions, and nothing says dark and scary like the famous Addams Family. Instead of being afraid to walk under a ladder, or see a black cat today, throw a Friday the 13th themed dinner party and invite the Addams over! Decorating for the party will be simple. Thomas Fuchs Creative has a whole line of memento mori dinner party essentials with his “Remains Collection” available at Saks Fifth Avenue. If the name of the collection doesn’t clue you in to what these fun and chic (and lucky) dinner party designs are, the pictures below will. Each adorned with a stylish skull, you’ll find coasters, ice and champagne buckets, vases and more to make your Friday the 13th dinner party acceptable for the Addams! When you’re done, keep these decorations on the table, they’re perfect for entertaining any time of the year.

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