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Geneva, London 16 August 2016.  The International Commodities and Derivatives Association (ICDA), is hosting a Best Execution & Analytics event in Engelberg, near Zurich on September 29th. Designed by and for market professionals from both the sell side and buy side as well as Trading Venues and industry vendors, the event will be held in association with itarle AG, a leading provider of multi asset algorithmic trading and analytics services for the sell-side, one of its most recent members.


Dr. Paul Lynch, CEO of itarle, commented “Optimising execution costs, improving execution consistency and price performance has been top of the agenda for many firms in this industry for quite a while and an event focused on this topic is long overdue”. He added “We are looking forward to a day of debate and thought leadership with our peers, hosted by an independent association who are always looking for ways to expand the practical knowledge of their membership.”


ICDA Chairman, Dan Day-Robinson, said, “We are very pleased to be working with itarle on this event, we have pledged to offer our members and associates more opportunities to meet and acquire new skills and knowledge. With a great line up of industry-expert speakers, this event will enhance the practical understanding of what best execution means and how to achieve it.”  He added, “In addition to the event content, Engelberg will be a good opportunity to get out of the city and into the beautiful Swiss countryside to meet some interesting people.”

Registrations for this event are now open through the Association’s website www.incoda.org


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About  International Commodities and Derivatives Association (ICDA)
ICDA is a professional, non-religious, non-political, not-for-profit association of institutions interested in and concerned with all aspects of the commodities and derivatives industries globally, based in Geneva, Switzerland.   ICDA’s members include global brokers, bankers, investment fund managers, commodities trading firms, market information providers and service companies, as well as exchanges and clearing houses.  We organise regular industry seminars and meetings.


For more information www.incoda.org or Follow us on Twitter @incodaorg


About  itarle AG
itarle is an algorithmic trading service provider for banks and brokers across global exchanges. We combine extensive quantitative trading and modelling experience to produce robust private label algorithms with market leading functionality and performance.


itarle has separated the statistical processing of an algorithmic model from the execution destination. This enables investment banks and brokers to use itarle trading services with their own exchange memberships on existing connectivity whilst benefiting from proven itarle quantitative technology capabilities.


itarle AG is a fully independent company and therefore has no bias with respect to exchanges and dark pools. This helps the service eliminate conflicts of interest, maintain the integrity of order flow and minimise information leakage, leading to superior execution quality and reduced execution fees.


For more information visit www.itarle.com



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