ICI Reports Estimated Long-Term Mutual Fund Flows

ICI.org – Washington, DC, – Total estimated outflows from long-term mutual funds1 were $5.79 billion for the week ended Wednesday, July 27, the Investment Company Institute reported today. Estimates for combined long-term flows and ETF net issuance are available on the ICI website.

Additional Data Categories Available Online: In addition to the categories included in the table below, the report now includes additional detail about domestic equity categories (large cap, mid cap, small cap, multi cap, and other), world equity categories (developed markets and emerging markets), and taxable bond categories (investment grade, high yield, government, multisector, and global). Updated monthly data for these categories beginning in January 2014, with recent weekly data, will be available on ICI’s website each week.

Estimated Flows* to Long-Term Mutual Funds Millions of dollars

  7/27/2016 7/20/2016 7/13/2016 7/6/2016 6/29/2016
Total equity -11,168 -12,618 -7,988 -2,880 -5,193
  Domestic -8,225 -10,349 -7,218 -4,315 -2,001
  World -2,943 -2,269 -770 1,435 -3,192
Hybrid 475 -779 -1,106 -275 -2,582
Total bond 4,901 7,612 6,115 1,265 -2,488
  Taxable 3,374 6,156 4,344 160 -3,664
  Municipal 1,527 1,457 1,771 1,105 1,176
Total -5,792 -5,784 -2,980 -1,890 -10,263

* Note: Flow estimates are derived from data covering 98 percent of industry assets. Components may not add to the total because of rounding.

Equity funds2 had estimated outflows of $11.17 billion for the week, compared to estimated outflows of $12.62 billion in the previous week. Domestic equity funds had estimated outflows of $8.23 billion, and world equity funds had estimated outflows of $2.94 billion.

Hybrid funds2—which can invest in stocks and fixed-income securities—had estimated inflows of $475 million for the week, compared to estimated outflows of $779 million in the previous week.

Bond funds2 had estimated inflows of $4.90 billion for the week, compared to estimated inflows of $7.61 billion during the previous week. Taxable bond funds saw estimated inflows of $3.37 billion, and municipal bond funds had estimated inflows of $1.53 billion.

Notes: Weekly cash flows are estimated, while actual net new cash flows are collected on a monthly basis and are reported in ICI’s “Trends in Mutual Fund Investing”; therefore, there are differences between these weekly estimates and the monthly flows. Data for previous weeks reflect revisions because of data adjustments, reclassifications, and changes in the number of funds reporting. Historical flow data are available on the ICI website.

1. Data for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and funds that invest primarily in other mutual funds were excluded from the series.

2. ICI classifies funds and share classes based on language in the fund prospectus. For a detailed description of ICI classifications, please see ICI Open-End Investment Objective Definitions.


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