ITG Launches ITG Smart Market Indicator Forecast App


ITG.com – NEW YORK – ITG (NYSE:ITG), a leading independent broker and financial technology provider, today announced the launch of ITG Smart Market Indicator Forecast App, an application that helps traders anticipate market volumes, spreads and volatility. The app forecasts future market conditions for multiple time horizons based on both historical average values and recently observed volume profiles, enabling traders to improve trade scheduling and set more accurate algorithm price limits.

“The ITG Smart Market Indicator helps traders make better informed decisions regarding the difficulty of trading on a given day, including the size of an order that can realistically be completed and the relative difficulty of trading the individual names in a portfolio,” said Ian Domowitz, Managing Director and Head of Analytics at ITG.

ITG Smart Market Indicator is available on the ITG Analytics Incubator®, along with several other liquidity cost and volatility index mobile applications including the ITG Equity Trading Cost Index and the ITG FX Trading Cost Index. All indexes and applications are available to the institutional trading community, free of charge, via a responsive web site to promote transparency in the equity and FX trading communities.

ITG Analytics Incubator also offers the full suite of ITG Peer Analysis® reports, based on one of the industry’s largest databases of transaction data. Articles, presentations and videos produced by the ITG Analytics team since 2006 are available on the website at analyticsincubator.itginc.com. For more on ITG’s full range of analytical tools contact info@itg.com.

About ITG

ITG applies technology and trading expertise to reduce implementation costs, helping clients improve investment performance. An independent broker established in 1987, ITG provides liquidity, execution, analytics and workflow solutions to leading asset management and brokerage firms. Investment Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE: ITG) has offices in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America and offers trading services in more than 50 countries. For more information, please visit www.itg.com.


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