Itiviti Integrates NYFIX Matching with Broadridge


Itiviti, a Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. company, announced the integration of its NYFIX Matching solution with the portfolio, order, and investment management system from Broadridge.

“The post-trade space has historically been defined by manual processes, but given shrinking technology budgets, many firms have been unable to address these challenges,” said Ray Tierney, President of Itiviti, a Broadridge business. “Now, less than six months after being acquired by Broadridge, Itiviti can deliver our automated NYFIX Matching solution for trade allocation, confirmation and affirmation to a far greater number of clients, helping them save money and expedite trade matching. This integration is a testament to the full power of Broadridge’s capabilities, which can scale to support clients now and into the future.”

The new solution will empower Broadridge’s client base with direct access to NYFIX Matching’s automated trade allocation, confirmation and affirmation capabilities. Clients will gain the ability to consolidate matching of multiple asset classes on a single platform and match trade details at a granular level, delivering efficiency and cost benefits.

NYFIX Matching’s FIX-based affirmation occurs in near real time, seamlessly catching errors, minimizing costly trade breaks, and supporting accelerated settlement cycles. As with most Itiviti products, this solution is multi-asset, global and fully hosted and offers a modern user interface. This is the first of many product integrations between Itiviti and Broadridge and serves as a compelling example of the strong synergies between the two.

Broadridge Investment Management Solutions supports buy-side clients through every step of the trade lifecycle, enabling streamlined trade processing at a scale befitting a global fintech leader with over $5 billion in revenues.

Source: Itiviti

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