J.P. Morgan Goes Live With Digital Proxy Voting Platform

  • J.P. Morgan’s connectivity with Proxymity going live in France and Belgium
  • Australia & New Zealand planned to go live ahead of 2022 Proxy Season
  • J.P. Morgan using Proxymity’s platform to improve client service, increase transparency and reduce complexity

Proxymity, the pioneering investor communication platform backed by a consortium of the some of the world’s largest global custodians, today announced that J.P. Morgan’s Securities Services has gone live on its digital proxy voting platform in Belgium, to be followed by France. Additional markets planned to go live before the 2022 proxy seasons include Australia and New Zealand, with others set to follow next year.

Via Proxymity’s dedicated proprietary connections to issuers and issuer agents, the platform enables “golden source” meeting announcements and agendas to be published directly from issuers to investors. Investors can then send votes in real time to issuers or their agents without the need for manual intervention and receive true digital confirmation that their votes have been cast, improving communication and transparency for everyone in the ecosystem.

Proxymity’s digital-native platform has been built on highly scalable technology which ensures secure end to end connectivity between issuers, issuer agents, custodians, and investors, providing transparency to all participants in the proxy voting chain. In addition, provides full compliance with the latest regulations such as the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II).

For J.P. Morgan’s Securities Services clients, the connection with Proxymity means that J.P. Morgan will be able to use Proxymity’s unique Direct-to-Issuer connections in select markets, substantially improving investors’ voting experience and creating more time for them to make critical decisions on their investments, while providing improved transparency.

“Investor communications is being transformed by replacing legacy manual processes with smart digital automation,” said Hannah Elson, Head of Global Custody, J.P. Morgan’s Securities Services. “Working with Proxymity reflects our commitment to providing the most innovative solutions to improve client experience while reducing the cost and complexity of providing even higher levels of service. We look forward to being one of the first major global custodians to go live on this platform.”

Dean Little, Co-Founder and CEO of Proxymity, said: “We are proud to be working with J.P. Morgan to extend Proxymity’s solutions to their clients across the world. We believe these innovations will help intermediaries continue to grow their businesses and provide the quality of service that has made them so successful to date. This fantastic milestone was made possible by the agility and dedication of the J.P. Morgan and Proxymity teams and is a great example for the industry of what can be achieved through technology and partnership.”

In 2020, as part of an industry-leading consortium, J.P. Morgan invested in Proxymity, recognising the benefits of a widely adopted platform across the investment ecosystem. The growing worldwide focus on ESG and shareholder transparency, as reflected in global regulation, has accelerated the continuing trend towards digital transformation in custody and asset servicing.

Source: Proxymity

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