Japan And China Explore ETF Connectivity


Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (“JPX”) and Shanghai Stock Exchange (“SSE”) have today agreed to strengthen the cooperative relationship for discussions and promotional activities for creating schemes to facilitate listing of ETFs whose trust assets are of Japanese and Chinese asset classes.

Moving forward, JPX and SSE will actively cooperate in two main areas: (i) conducting feasibility studies about developing a new environment for expanding opportunities to invest in each other’s securities markets through the use of ETFs and (ii) investor-oriented promotional activities regarding Japanese and Chinese securities markets.
The exchanges will discuss more details in cooperation with related parties and aim to further develop the Japanese and Chinese capital markets through expanding opportunities for investing in the two countries.

Mr. Akira Kiyota, Group CEO of JPX, commented, “I am greatly pleased that, in the year of the 40th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and the People’s Republic of China, JPX entered into an agreement with SSE on further cooperating on initiatives such as promoting listing of ETFs whose trust assets are of Japanese and Chinese asset classes. In partnership with SSE, and in cooperation with the financial authorities and market-related parties, we will contribute to the further development of the capital markets of our two countries by expanding opportunities for investing in Japanese and Chinese asset classes.”

Source: Japan Exchange Group

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