Jump Trading Buys DeFi Infrastructure Firm

Jump Trading Buys DeFi Infrastructure Firm

By Leopold Schabel, Co-founder and CTO @certusone / Nexantic GmbH

We are proud to announce that Certus One has been acquired by Jump Trading Group, a well-known research-driven quantitative trading firm.

Certus One started out in 2018 with the goal of helping build the next generation of Proof of Stake blockchain infrastructure, and quickly built a reputation for technical excellence as validators, software engineers and security researchers.

Our strategy has always been quality over quantity — we went deep on a small number of particularly promising projects, developing very close relationships with them and becoming major contributors.

Nobody can succeed in this new world alone. Building the DeFi ecosystem is a team effort, and contributing means “growing the pie” for everyone. From very early on, we weren’t scared of competition — there’s no competitors, only allies in building this new, exciting and revolutionary ecosystem!

The rising tide lifts all boats, and true decentralization can only be achieved by collaborating and building to enable anyone to operate resilient and secure infrastructure, from individuals to institutions.

Jump deeply shares these values and has been an early and fervent DeFi supporter with a strong builder ethos, supporting and helping realize major blockchain projects like Solana, Terra and Pyth.

As part of Jump’s blockchain engineering team, we will be doubling down on our quest to grow DeFi and the Proof of Stake ecosystem.Our work on Wormhole — a Solana/Ethereum/Terra bridge — and our smart HSM solution for validation continues forward.

The open source cloud operating system we had been building with a small team has been spun out into a new, independent open source company — Monogon— and will continue to be part of our vision in enabling anyone to run high-quality, highly secure and decentralized infrastructure.

We remain advisors to the smart contract auditing company Neodyme, which we co-founded along with a group of fellow security researchers.

What does this mean to me as a Certus delegator?

First of all, thank you — your continued support has enabled us to make major and lasting contributions to the ecosystem for the past two-and-a-half years, and many more years to come!

Our NEAR and IRIS validators will be shut down on September 1st for operational reasons.

We are also no longer running a Chainlink node. NEAR and IRIS delegators should redelegate to another validator.No action is required otherwise

— Certus One remains committed to its validation business and continues to validate on Solana, Terra, Cosmos and Eth2 (as part of LIDO), benefiting from the added expertise and resources of Jump’s sophisticated production engineering teams.

Source: Certus One

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