KATANA Launches On Bloomberg App Portal

KATANA Launches On Bloomberg App Portal

KATANA, the pre-trade analytics tool that identifies relative value opportunities for bond market dealers and asset managers, announced that it is live on the Bloomberg APP Portal at APPS KTNA.

Subscribers of The Bloomberg Terminal can now use the Katana App to identify relative value opportunities generated by Katana’s proprietary machine learning models. Instead of comparing one bond against an index or a limited number of bonds Katana screens over 200 million bond pairs to uncover spread difference anomalies. (Available universes: USD IG, EM Corporates & Sovereigns, EUR IG, EUR Sovereigns & SSAs). By separating signals from the noise, Katana provides robust analytics to enhance the user’s insights and assist them to navigate the investment space.

Bloomberg Terminal subscribers globally can instantly access Katana through the Bloomberg App portal at APPS KTNA where they can take a closer look at how bonds are priced in their portfolio or watchlist, while remaining in their existing workflow environment. With Katana, traders and portfolio managers can find opportunities earlier, faster and more precisely.

Santiago Braje, founder and CEO of Katana said: “After 18 months of steady organic growth, Katana is ready for the distribution and opportunities that Bloomberg offers through its global client base. With the continuous growth of corporate bonds issuance, high performance relative value analytics can no longer be limited to a restricted number of bonds analysed off a spreadsheet. Making Katana available as an App on The Bloomberg Terminal will help Terminal users to make faster decisions.”

Source: KATANA

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