Kensho Taps Nasdaq FinQloud

Terry Flanagan

Kensho, a provider of next-generation data analytics for investment managers and research analysts, announced that they will be the first professional-grade analytics platform built completely on NASDAQ OMX FinQloud, a cloud computing platform designed exclusively for the financial services sector and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Kensho is building tools to enable every financial professional – not just quantitative analyst, programmers and data scientists at the largest institutions – to ask and answer hard questions about global events and their effects on securities prices.

Kensho allows clients to compute massive data sets in real-time and achieve split second investment analysis through sophisticated distributed computing environments and ground-breaking visualizations. FinQloud provides the cost efficiency, scalability, and capabilities that are essential for Kensho’s next-generation data analytics.

Using Kensho’s intuitive tools, clients can stress-test portfolios, explore and test investment ideas, and discover persistent pricing anomalies without relying on complex statistical modeling languages or expensive quantitative finance resources. Running on FinQloud, Kensho can instantly bring supercomputing to finance professionals in small and large firms alike so they can benefit from capabilities that were previously available to only a few banks and hedge funds.

“Consumer technology companies have put enormous power in the hands of all of us, and we at Kensho believe it’s time to bring that power to the financial workplace. Kensho’s statistical computing and financial risk analysis applications are providing the next generation terminal in the cloud,” said Daniel Nadler, Co-Founder and CEO of Kensho. “We are thrilled to explore this strategic partnership with NASDAQ OMX FinQloud and to leverage their leadership position in global markets.”

“FinQloud offers a platform for innovation to create dramatically better tools, without the overhead of massive infrastructure investment,” said Julia Sears, associate vice president of FinQloud at NASDAQ OMX. “We are pleased to host Kensho as our relationship enables the FinQloud ecosystem to serve as a one-stop financial technology infrastructure destination where those who build systems have access to everything they need.”

Kensho’s cloud computing technologies are currently used by financial professionals at dozens of other institutions representing bulge-bracket banks and major buy-side companies. Kensho currently has over 3,000 users from many of the largest institutions on Wall Street using its pre-beta tools, and launched its first professional product on November 1, 2013.

Kensho, powered by FinQloud, will continue to introduce new ways to bring Silicon Valley to Wall Street with premier West Coast engineers whose expertise will disrupt capital markets analytics technology.

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