KeyBanc Capital Rolls Out Bloomberg DASH Enterprise

KeyBanc Capital Markets (KBCM), has adopted DASH Enterprise, a solution which helps sell-side firms realize efficiencies on their sales and trading desks, according to Bloomberg officials.

Bloomberg’s DASH Enterprise allows sales-traders to interact with a broader audience while providing relevant market insights, improving client service and maximizing their order flow. The new IOI manager allows the firm to intelligently send IOI’s and market its liquidity based on client interest, while keeping its traders shielded from market volatility. Since using the DASH Enterprise solution, KBCM has also seen an increase in their hit ratio and in crossing rates.

“DASH has many benefits for streamlining traders and sales traders work flows” said Wayne Wallace, KBCM head of equity trading. “The automation of sending natural IOI’s as well as the consolidation of our clients trading history in one application simplifies and centralizes the process.”

Fully integrated with the Bloomberg Terminal’s data and analytics, DASH Enterprise assesses clients’ exposure to market-moving events based on their historical trades, holdings, interest lists and notes. Sales-traders get automatic alerts which help them prioritize and provide targeted content to clients in real time. The solution also facilitates the identification of parent cross opportunities across a firm’s various desks and flow channels in different offices and regions.

Mark Flatman, Head of Sell-side Enterprise Product at Bloomberg, said: “We are delighted that our solution is giving KBCM sales-traders added value, by helping them target clients with ideas and realise efficiencies. As trading desks face ever more complex challenges, Bloomberg’s objective is to provide tools that augment their ability to service clients, and improve their performance and profitability.”

DASH Enterprise integrates with the Bloomberg Terminal, third party or proprietary OMS and CRM solutions to consolidate disparate data, automate liquidity discovery and improve communications across desks and to clients. The IOI manager combines automation of natural & non-natural IOIs with advanced rules for tiering, pegging, blocking and TCA price offsets, while keeping traders shielded from market volatility with price watch protection. More information is available on the Bloomberg Terminal on DSHW.

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