By John D'Antona Editor, Traders Magazine

Kx Hires Leading Data Storage Expert

06.16.2016 By John D'Antona Editor, Traders Magazine

Kx.com – Palo Alto Kx Systems, the acknowledged leader in time-series analytics for streaming, real-time and historical data, today announced the appointment of data storage expert Glenn Wright, as a Senior Architect. Wright brings to the company over 20 years of technical experience in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) industry, working on server, networking and storage elements of extreme performance solutions.

Wright commented on his new position: “Over the previous years I have worked very intently with Kx Systems technology, and I have seen Kx invest in and develop their technology during that time. I have always admired their absolute core focus on high performance and ultra low latency attributes of their in-memory database.  I am thrilled to be a part of Kx, and I am fortunate to join at a time when Kx is able to exploit the massive capabilities in store with new infrastructure and systems technologies. This will allow Kx solutions to further scale without compromise. This, combined with the company’s innovative capabilities, has made Kx an obvious choice for me. I’m very much looking forward to meeting clients and getting to work.”


Mark Sykes, COO of Kx, commented: “It’s great news for Kx and our clients; Glenn’s 20 years’ experience and specialized knowledge will be of exceptional value, both to us and our clients. Kx has been at the forefront of Big Data technology for more than 20 years, and we have done so by continuous investment in Research and Development. Glenn will be significantly contributing to this effort, helping us to take advantage of new hardware, architectures and fabrics before they are released by our partners.


Additionally, Glenn’s singular real world experience of optimizing data storage and processing systems will be invaluable to our existing customers, enhancing our ability to advise and respond to their increasing data and analytic requirements. Having such an experienced and renowned industry expert highlights our commitment to delivering world-leading technology and we are delighted to welcome Glenn to the team.”


Prior to joining Kx, Wright worked for DNN Storage, where he was responsible for the introduction of new architectures for the massive scaling of financial services market data and risk analytics, using high-performance in-memory databases. Wright has also held senior roles at QLogic (Infiniband group) and Sun Microsystems Inc. Wright will be based in London.

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