Last Minute Halloween Ideas


Need some last minute ideas for that Halloween party you have?  Try some of these…

For a great last minute treat to bring to the party:
Zombie Eyeball Cakepops.
Follow the recipe from Bakerella to make spooky cake pops everyone will enjoy!

Eye Popping! Bakerella

Eye Popping! Bakerella

Last minute costume idea:
A Sugar Skull
Paint your face all white, and add black accents around the eyes and mouth. Wear all black.

Best Cocktail to Serve:
Disaronno Pumpkin Pie Delight
Check out our “5 Best Pumpkin Cocktails in NYC” for recipe.

Pumpkin Pie Delight

Pumpkin Pie Delight

Best Halloween-Themed Bar for the After Party:
The Empire Hotel Rooftop Halloween Horror @ 44 W 63rd St.

Empire Hotel Rooftop

Pumpkin Carving Ideas:
Instead of carving a pumpkin, decorate them with studs and gems. Less mess, and is quicker than carving with a nicer look.

via Flickr

Lead image credit: Flickr/Paul Stein

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