LSE Waives Equity Market Maker Registration Charges

Further to Service Announcement 001/20032020, we are providing details of a specific step that we are taking to help provide support to liquidity provision in equities admitted to London Stock Exchange’s Main Market and AIM, during this period of exceptional market volatility and global uncertainty due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We have taken the decision to waive Main Market and AIM equity monthly Market Maker registration charges for 3 months commencing 1 April 2020.

The market maker registration charge waiver for equities will end on 30 June 2020.

This includes the following:

• FTSE All Share (segments SET1, STMM & SSMM) • SETS segments SET2, SET3, SSMU, SFM1 & HGS1

• All AIM securities

• All SETSqx securities

To see our full price list please go to www.lseg.com/prices For more information please contact clients@lseg.com

Source: LSEG

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