Market Velocity in Canada

Terry Flanagan

While many geographic regions are experiencing broad-based macroeconomic volatility, investors find calm up north.

The emerging market demand for global commodities has both been a friend and foe for investors and market participants. Commodity producers, such as protein producers, have a bright future given that perhaps the largest developing market in the world, China, is experiencing a growth in wealth and thereby is upgrading its diet.

Yet, with a rising in commodities has come inflation—but not true inflation, according to some market participants.

“There is no real velocity in the markets, which is needed for inflation,” said Arthur Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services, referring to perhaps artificial inflation pressures in food prices along with artificial inflation stemmed from artificial dollar prices, due to quantitative easing and other Federal Reserve monetary policies.

Furthermore, as a result of the global geopolitical instability, such as the “Arab Spring,” and rapid rise of China, investors are flocking to the safe haven of commodities—gold.

“I am very bullish on gold, though I don’t feel the world is coming to an end,” said Dennis Gartman, the editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter, a market commentary. “I’m certainly long gold and short the Euro, but I am also positive on the U.S. dollar and the S&P futures when I trade for my own account.”

Gartman noted at the Index Universe Inside Commodities conference that the future was hard to predict, and rather that the times are better suited for short term trading and investing.

“I’m just trying to get through to next Tuesday,” Gartman noted.

Both Gartman and Cashin are seeing a silver lining in Canada given possible U.S. dollar volatility, and drastic volatility with the Euro.

“If you need to put your money somewhere, put it in Canada,” Gartman said. “Canada is a great focal point (amid global volatility). They have a great banking system and can be a real safe haven.”

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