Messaging Solution Bridges Silos

Terry Flanagan

Belgian firm unveils technology to aggregate financial messages locked up in proprietary formats.

Technology is emerging to unearth valuable information that’s locked up in information silos.

“Most financial institutions are member of different financial communities, such as SWIFT, Omgeo and others, and each community has its own standards, channels and interfaces,” Marc Braet, managing partner, at Intix, a Belgium-based financial messaging company, told Markets Media.

Financial message volumes are growing constantly, and while storing these message flows, valuable information gets buried with tightly controlled information silos, where searching and reporting are difficult and costly, said Braet.

Intix has launched Intix Message Manager, a system to perform searching and reporting across all financial messaging silos.

“The Message Manager solution enables financial institutions to have a single window to make searching and reporting across multiple silos and systems easy and cost-efficient,” said Wouter Van Santvliet, managing partner at Intix.

The Message Manager is channel-agnostic, and handles all used standards and formats. The data is presented in aggregated dashboard views and is accessible through search with browsing functionality.

Intix “has the ambition to become the preferred solution for cross-community searching, reporting and dashboarding, replacing existing silo-based solutions,” said Braet. “We also aspire to offer the Intix solution through the Swift Cloud to the Swift community.”

Massive amounts of data with a variety in structure and content cannot be made accessible using traditional navigation methods, said Van Santvliet.

“New technologies are emerging to provide insight into these data,” he said. “Intix is delivering these technologies in a cloud-ready architecture to break away the silos and disclose messaging information in a transparent and efficient way.”

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