Mike P for President (by Jim Toes, STA)



Last weekend I had dinner with a close friend and after discussing politics over a few glasses of spirits we agreed to write in the other person’s name for President.  This blood-bond lead to a momentarily silence as Mike P (not Pence) and I pondered what a great story it would be to tell our grand children that in the 2016 Presidential Election, “your grandfather received 1 vote for President of the United States”.


Mike and I know each other well enough that when we do enter the voting booth on November 8, with much clearer heads, it is unlikely that we will honor our agreement, just as it is unlikely that we, The People will see our Presidential candidates pivot away from their current campaign strategies for tonight’s final debate. While attacking and putting down your opponent as a means to raise your standing is not a new strategy, the amount of mudslinging in this election has been by definition unprecedented. This has distracted voters away from the candidates’ stances on policy issues and has experts predicting that large amounts of votes will be cast on the candidate disliked the least.


According to Gallup the approval rating of Congress has remained in the 11% to 16% range since August which indicates that voter frustration on the state of government is at historical highs.  It reasonable to assume that many voters may consider sitting this election out. I must admit that thought has passed my mind. However, in my case such action would only at best bring short term feelings of satisfaction, ultimately leading to stronger emotions of regret and guilt when the election results of nation’s highest office begin to play themselves out. So, if you’re thinking about bypassing the polling station on November 8th please reconsider that decision and try spending what time remains understanding where the candidates stand on policy issues.


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