NAFTA 2.0 to Include Fintech


Any renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement will need to include discussions on fintech, e-commerce, and other issues that did not exist when the tri-party trade deal went into effect in 1989, according to a Mexican trade representative.

“We are not yet sure what will end up in the text of the new agreement, but we are sure that we need to have a discussion about new services, above all about the fintech industry,” Vanessa Rubio, an undersecretary at Mexico’s finance ministry, told Reuters in an interview.

Rubio was in Washington, DC for the start of the NAFTA renegotiations that began on August 16.

Wednesday’s meeting kicked off a planned series of rounds, which the participants plan on wrapping up by the end of the year and before 2018 elections take place in Mexico and the US.

Off to a reportedly rocky start, Mexico wants to develop standard rules while its US counterparts are interested in adding more transparency to the new regulations, according to Rubio.

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