Nasdaq Leads All US Listing Exchanges with 38 Percent of ETP Listings and Switches in the Second Quarter of 2016


GLOBE NEWSWIRE – NEW YORK -Nasdaq (Nasdaq:NDAQ), the single largest U.S. equity exchange by market share, announced 13 new ETP listings in June, further establishing itself as the foremost listing and trading venue for exchange-traded products (ETPs). For the second quarter in a row, Nasdaq led all other US exchanges and captured 38 percent of ETP listings and switches with 36 products in total.

“We had tremendous success in attracting the industry’s leading ETP issuers to list on Nasdaq through the first half of the year,” said Jeff McCarthy, Vice President and Head of ETP Listings at Nasdaq. “We grew the number of listings and switches to Nasdaq by 44 percent over the first quarter 2016, reinforcing Nasdaq as the exchange of choice for issuers introducing new and innovative products to market.”

First Half of the Year Nasdaq ETP Listing Highlights:
In the first half of 2016, The Nasdaq Stock Market® captured 39 percent of new ETP listings and switches across all exchanges. In total, 61 ETPs have chosen Nasdaq thus far this year, among which 37 are new ETP launches, including products from BlackRock, State Street, Janus and AccuShares, and 24 are product switches from other US exchanges, bringing Nasdaq’s total ETP listings to 277. Of Nasdaq’s first half of the year listings and switches, 29 track an index calculated and operated by Nasdaq.

Nasdaq ETP Listing Highlights in June:
Nasdaq was selected as the exchange of choice for 13 new ETP launches:

  • BlackRock launched two new funds that provide access to international and emerging market stocks that have positive environmental, social and governance characteristics; both launched June 30, 2016:
    • iShares MSCI EAFE ESG Select ETF (Nasdaq:ESGD)
    • iShares MSCI EM ESG Select ETF (Nasdaq:ESGE)
  • AccuShares launched an oil market related Fund which began trading June 28, 2016:
    • AccuShares S&P GSCI Crude Oil Excess Return Up Shares (Nasdaq:OILU)
    • AccuShares S&P GSCI Crude Oil Excess Return Down Shares (Nasdaq:OILD)
  • Royal Bank of Canada launched an exchange traded note (ETN) that allocates between the S&P 500 and the Federal Funds rate, trading began  June 28, 2016:
    • RBC S&P 500 Trend Allocator PR Index ETN (Nasdaq:TALL)
  • BlackRock also launched two high yield ETFs which began trading June 16, 2016:
    • iShares Fallen Angels USD Bond ETF (Nasdaq:FALN)
    • iShares iBoxx $ High Yield ex Oil & Gas Corporate Bond ETF (Nasdaq:HYXE)
  • First Trust launched the first actively managed emerging market equity ETF; trading began June 15, 2016:
    • First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Emerging Markets ETF (Nasdaq:RFEM)
  • Janus launched four thematic healthy lifestyle based ETFs that trade in Long‐Term Care, Health and Fitness, Organics and Obesity prevention; trading began June 9, 2016:
    • The Long‐Term Care ETF (Nasdaq:OLD)
    • The Health and Fitness ETF (Nasdaq:FITS)
    • The Organics ETF (Nasdaq:ORG)
    • The Obesity ETF (Nasdaq:SLIM)
  • State Street Global Advisors launched its first SPDR ETF to Nasdaq and whose index is owned and was developed by Dorsey, Wright & Associates, a Nasdaq Company; the fund began trading on June 2, 2016:
    • SPDR Dorsey Wright Fixed Income Allocation ETF (Nasdaq:DWFI)

For issuers who want to learn more about opportunities to list and grow on The Nasdaq Stock Market®, please visit our website or email etflistings@nasdaq.com. GLOBE NEWSWIRE

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