OpenFin Launches Fintech Startup Campaign


OpenFin, the operating system (OS) of finance, today announced it is now offering early stage Fintech and startup businesses the Enterprise Edition of OpenFin OS at a reduced rate. Levelling the playing field, this initiative will enable early-stage businesses to build their applications on OpenFin’s OS alongside the industry’s biggest players, accelerating innovation and collaboration, the delivery and ultimately adoption of new desktop applications.

OpenFin already offers the Community Edition of its software for free. The Enterprise Edition for startup firms includes support, controlled runtime upgrades and workspace management features. These are capabilities many startups need but often can’t afford in the early stages. Today’s initiative will address some of these cost pressures and not only make it easier for early stage firms to build their applications on the OpenFin OS but also enable firms to quickly, efficiently and securely deploy these apps onto end-user desktops supported by OpenFin.

Building desktop applications on the OpenFin OS offers startup firms a faster route to market and allows the wider community of Fintech and institutional firms to collaborate and benefit from access to the latest innovations while addressing real business and regulatory challenges.

Adam Toms, CEO, OpenFin Europe said: “We know first hand that the big ideas and collaborative spirit often found at startups is vital to our industry, but we also understand the unique cost pressures that these firms face. That’s why, for the first time, we are offering the Enterprise Edition of OpenFin OS to early stage and fintech start-ups at a dramatically reduced rate, ensuring these firms are an integral part of the financial desktop evolution.”

Mazy Dar, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenFin, added: “OpenFin’s wide adoption is already generating significant network effects; this new initiative will further expand our ecosystem helping us to continue to drive digital transformation at speed across the industry in a collaborative manner, built on a foundation of openness.”

OpenFin has become the de-facto digital infrastructure provider for capital market firms and the technology companies building solutions to support them. Licensed to nearly 200,000 desktops, OpenFin OS is now being used to deploy more than 1,000 financial applications, including mission critical trading, risk and order management systems, to more than 1,500 major banks and buy-side firms, across 60+ countries.

Source: OpenFin

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