QUICK TAKE: Bitcoin Sell Off – “Just a Correction”


No really, it was just a simple market correction.

Really? Think so?

The recent sell-off of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was simply a standard market correction, observes the CEO of deVere Group.

Nigel Green, deVere Group

In speaking with Traders Magazine, Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of deVere Group, come as Bitcoin – the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization – was close to almost its lowest point of the year two weeks ago and continued its bearish action last week.  Other major digital currencies also experienced a sell-off over the last fortnight.

“Cryptocurrency markets are subject to volatility more than traditional ones,” Green began. “Despite what the doom mongers would want you to believe, the recent sell-off was only ever going to be temporary and prices were bound to rise again relatively quickly – as they are now doing.”

Furthermore, Green said that previous to this sell-off, in recent weeks Bitcoin had experienced a pretty impressive rally, peaking at around $8,300. As such, what happened over the last fortnight was simply “a standard crypto market correction.”

“For many investors, such volatility, of the kind that we saw recently, is used as a welcome buying opportunity,” he continued. “They look at the bigger picture. That’s to say, in today’s world, a digital, global currency simply makes sense to them. Or to put it another way, they believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of money.”

Green goes on to say that increasingly, savvy investors are aware that what is taking place is a maturation of a relatively new market – hence the highs and lows almost every other week.

“As such, they understand that they either have to buy and take a long-term approach – as is typically the best approach with almost all investing – or be prepared to miss the boat,” Green said. “As anyone who has analyzed the sector in recent years will know, the dips and peaks are a usual part of the cryptocurrency market.”



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