Quotes for NEO-Listed Securities Now Available on Globe and Mail Website


BUSINESS WIRE –   Toronto – Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc. (“NEO Exchange” or “NEO”) today announced that The Globe and Mail is now offering live quotes for NEO-listed securities on its Globe Investor site. The Globe and Mail is one of Canada’s leading news media companies and a trusted source of market information for Canadians.

Globe Unlimited subscribers are now able to see real-time quotes on Invesco Canada’s PowerShares DWA Global Momentum Index ETF, the first listing on the NEO Exchange and the forerunner of more ETFs soon to be listed on NEO, including a suite of iShares ETFs managed by BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited that are expected to migrate from the TSX to NEO during the fourth quarter 2016. Readers who visit the Globe and Mail website without subscription can see 15-minute delayed quotes.

“Making NEO data available on our website underscores the importance of providing balanced information to our audience,” said Scott Adams, general manager financial products, The Globe and Mail. “The bottom line is that our readers now have access to trading information for all Canadian listed companies and products, to help them make informed investment decisions.”

Integral to The Globe and Mail’s provision of NEO Exchange data is IHS Markit. Markit Digital provides end-to-end digital solutions in the financial services industry for online brokerages, large global assets managers and financial media firms like The Globe and Mail. The custom design solutions are ready to help clients display NEO data and set the industry standard for the display of financial information.

“To see data from our NEO-listed securities on The Globe and Mail, one of the largest Canadian financial news platforms, is a tremendous milestone for us,” stated Jos Schmitt, President and Chief Executive Officer, NEO Exchange. “This advancement allows us to continue to deliver on our commitment toward enhanced transparency in the Canadian capital markets and increased investor access for NEO-listed securities.”

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