Relaxing in the Black Sea


When looking for a relaxing vacation, the coastal cities surrounding the Black Sea may not be your first choice–but they should be! The beautiful inland sea that is connected to the Mediterranean by the Bosporus– bisecting Turkey and leading into the Sea of Marma and the Dardanelles Strait linking to the Aegean– is well-known historically as the crossroads of the ancient world. Lying between Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia and Romania, the Black Sea serves as a primary highway for transportation of goods to Europe from Russia and Western Asia. Today, there are a number of luxury travel spots bordering the coast, bringing vacationers from all over the world to the Black Sea to relax in the numerous resorts, beaches and spas of the bordering ancient countries cities. With the Olympics in Sochi on everyones mind, all we can think about are the lavish vacation spots of the Black Sea. Here’s the reasons why you should travel to the cities bordering the Black Sea to unwind and relax on your next vacation.

Well-known recently because of the Olympics currently taking place, Sochi has an idyllic subtropical climate and is seen as a coastal resort commonly referred to as the “Russian Riviera.” With numerous spas and beaches to visit, Sochi offers the ultimate relaxing vacation. The Krasnaya Polyana (Red Valley) Mountain is Sochi’s backdrop, and a ski resort for those interested in the winter sport. The Olympics has brought about a reincarnation of Sochi, with high end retail shops and nightlife to make for an exciting stay. Traditional Russian Bathhouses can be found in Sochi to help you unwind and leave your stresses at home. Stay at the Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina for the full experience.

The Bourgas and Varnas regions of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast are popular sea destinations lined with luxury hotels, beaches, natural springs and art galleries. If you’re looking for relaxing days and exciting nightlife, Sunny Beach and Golden Sands are popular resorts in the regions. If you’re looking for prime relaxation, the Byzantine Baths in Nessebar and the Mud Baths in Pomorie are glamorous spas. Relax at Hotel Aurelia in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

Known as the Garden of Turkey, the Black Sea Coast combines nature and culture with its many palaces, castles, mosques, churches, and excellent beaches. While it may not be your first choice for a vacation as the cloud coverage is more common than sun, causing the coast to be seen as more of a tourist destination for those interested in the history of the Black Sea, its numerous tea plantations, hazelnuts and cherry orchards are worth the visit. Trabzon, the coasts prime destination spot, has a number of Byzantine Churches and Mosques to take in. Stay in luxury at the Zorlu Grand Hotel in Trabzon.

The Gonio Mountains slope down to form one of the country’s calmest beaches to soak up some sun away from the bustle of the populated pebble beaches in Batumi on your visit. The up-and-coming Georgian Black Sea Coast as a travel destination consists of a bounty of natural peaks and semitropical rainforests. The Adjara Arts Museum displays a collection of Eastern European and Russian art. Enjoy the amazing architecture of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Batumi.

The Romanian Black Sea Coast has a warm climate, 45 miles of sandy beaches, vineyards and ultra modern resorts to attract visitors from all over the world. Many are unaware of the curing effects that the Black Sea is said to have for numerous bodily ailments, but at the Eforie Nord and Magnolia Spa’s you can take a mud bath in fresh Black Sea mud to relax and reap the natural medicinal benefits. Visit the many vineyards lining the coast and try some of Romania’s famous wines from the grape friendly mediterranean climate. Stay at the Vega Hotel in Mamaia for a relaxing vacation.

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