Rising Star: Finn Maloney, Clearpool

Rising Star: Finn Maloney, Clearpool

Traders Magazine speaks with Finn Maloney who won Rising Star at the 2022 Markets Choice Awards.

Finn Maloney

What is your reaction to winning the Award at the 2022 Markets Choice Awards?

My immediate reaction to winning the Rising Star award was pure surprise. I feel very humbled and honored to be chosen for this award and certainly could not have done it without the support from my team at Clearpool. I have been fortunate to get great opportunities early in my career to take on big responsibilities and interact with our industry’s smartest people.

Briefly describe your background and career to date.

While attending Northeastern University in the spring of 2019, I joined Clearpool as a Co-op. I graduated one year later and came to Clearpool to work full time as a Relationship Management Analyst. I have been with Clearpool for the last two years and witnessed some exciting times, including Clearpool’s acquisition by BMO and the expansion of our electronic trading offering to EMEA and US OTC securities.

What is your current role and how do you excel in the role?

I work as a Relationship Management Analyst within our sales team at Clearpool. I excel in this role by being a product specialist and applying that knowledge in a client-facing capacity. As a relationship manager, I support clients through the full life cycle, from onboarding to educating on our Algorithmic Management System and consultation on algorithm customization. When I started with Clearpool, my main focus was on Venue Analysis and TCA. As I have taken on more responsibilities, I’ve transitioned that knowledge and experience into how to best serve our clients. Being able to balance these aspects of my role contributed to my success.

What would be your advice for someone starting a career in finance/fintech?

My advice to anyone looking to start a career in finance/fintech is to say yes to every opportunity that arises, especially if it will allow you to build relationships. Whether it’s going to lunch with your manager, taking on a new project or shadowing someone else, use every opportunity to develop new connections. That advice can be useful in any industry and certainly is in this one. Your connections and relationships are so important in finance/fintech, and you never know what unexpected call or project may open new doors.

How does Clearpool support younger employees?

Clearpool supports younger employees by giving them opportunities you might not find at a larger firm. At Clearpool, I have been fortunate enough to work in an environment that encourages me to take on additional responsibilities while also providing the support and guidance needed to do so. Clearpool has provided me with abundant resources to better myself in this industry. At Clearpool, I get direct access to interact with our traders and venues alike and get to make real connections with the people we work with.

What’s your favorite aspect of working in your role?

My favorite aspect of working in my role at Clearpool is that each opportunity is different, and I get to solve a new problem every day. Every client we work with has different trading needs, and we get to customize a unique solution for each one. The power of the AMS, our user-friendly online portal, gives rise to strong collaboration between our team and our broker-dealer clients and, in turn, those brokers and their buy-side clients. Clearpool not only delivers a technology platform but provides hands-on relationship management and execution consulting that aligns directly with what a trader is looking to accomplish.

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