ROX Systems to Launch Preconfigured Smart Order Routing in Mexico


ROX.com – NEW YORK – ROX Systems Inc. (RSI) is pleased to announce the pending launch of Mexico’s first Smart Order Router (SOR).  The ROX SOR leverages the ROX Quote Consolidator to facilitate trading in the new dual-exchange environment in Mexico, seamlessly combining the BMV and BIVA markets to provide a consolidated view into both level one trading data as well as the depth of market for both exchanges simultaneously.

Broker houses currently connecting to the BMV via FIX can simply direct their order flow to our FIX interface for a seamless transition to the new trading environment.  Via a parameter in each FIX order, traders may choose DMA to either exchange or prefer to take advantage of our SOR to make routing decisions.  These routing choices are customizable and based on the broker house’s preferences for many factors including pricing, liquidity, and probability of execution.

UAT testing will be available starting September 15, 2016.  Please contact Keri Tusa or Ramiro Perez if you’d like more information.

About the Company

ROX Systems Inc. (RSI), a pioneer in the electronic trading space, has provided financial technology solutions for over 20 years.

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