SocGen Deploys New Trading System

Terry Flanagan

Etrali Trading Solutions, a provider of unified communications and services for trading communities, announced that it is delivering the entire trading communications suite across Société Générale’s new trading floor in Paris. The contract includes Open Trade turret positions and recording services. Société Générale will also connect to Etrali’s Trading Community Services network, TCSnet.

As a result of the combined work between Etrali Trading Solutions and Société Générale’s IT and Sourcing departments, the Paris deployment is part of a series of roll-outs by Société Générale. It will see Etrali Trading Solutions provide further Open Trade platforms and trading services to the bank across the globe.

The turrets went live in New York in August this year. The Paris trading floor will go live in December 2013 and more turrets for European cities (Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Luxembourg) are scheduled to follow early next year.

“The first Open Trade migrations within Société Générale have been positively acknowledged by our front office, with the turret’s overall design, touch screen and innovative interface simplifying access to call functionalities. In addition, since the new system provides a pure IP architecture we are able to easily integrate the trading telephony with our existing business software tools,” said Bertrand Lemarignier, global chief technology officer of Société Générale Group.

“The Etrali Trading Solutions management and project team have played an integral role during our first implementations, providing a flexible and supportive approach to development in line with our needs,” Lemarignier said. “We continue to work with them, designing global Open Trade topologies to provide enhanced collaboration and mobility between our trading floors.”

The Open Trade unified communications platform delivers simplicity and ease of use, seamlessly integrating multimedia channels so that traders can focus on business activities. At Société Générale it is complemented by the TCSnet bespoke, dedicated trading network, which connects the financial community to its global counterparties.

The bank also benefits from Etrali Trading Solutions’ partnership with leading recording vendors which ensure that institutions can record voice calls from Open Trade as well as deploying mobile recording solutions, where required, for complete traceability of traders’ activities and regulatory compliance.

“Société Générale’s global roll-out of Open Trade highlights the fact that trading isn’t a local undertaking anymore,” said Lionel Grosclaude, CEO at Etrali Trading Solutions. “Constant connectivity across multiple communications media is the reality of the day and our solutions are designed with this in mind. Société Générale’s traders can operate from anywhere on the globe and be presented with the same interface they see at their desks, safe in the knowledge they are fully compliant at all times.”

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