State Street Partners With Solovis


State Street Corporation announced several enhancements to its data-led, fully integrated analytics solution designed specifically for asset owners. The multi-asset class platform solution will improve transparency, alleviate complexity and streamline performance tracking and regulatory reporting for clients. As a result, critical data will be provided via a single platform, enabling clients to manage, view and analyze their investment universe from one central location. The enhancements align with a strategic partnership the company has formed with Solovis, a multi-asset class portfolio management, analytics and reporting platform for asset owners and allocators.

Powered by DataGX®, State Street’s award-winning data-as-a-service capability, this new multi-asset class platform incorporates the Solovis analytics application and will seamlessly manage data and traditional accounting book-of-record with alternative asset data, including third-party information. Clients will receive information through the client portal, where they can access performance results, measure against industry data and create custom reporting. The platform will serve as a centralized location to let clients view and run different scenarios for performance, attribution, and ex-post risk across all asset classes.

“Institutional investing dynamics have shifted significantly over the past decade, and the resulting increase in outsourced manager relationships and alternative investment allocations are making it difficult for investment teams to gain a holistic, accurate view of portfolio performance and exposure,” said Josh Smith, co-founder and CEO of Solovis. “We are pleased to partner with State Street to enable a true multi-asset class portfolio management experience that aligns data, people and processes for more accurate, informed insights across the entire portfolio. This alignment will create a truly game changing experience for asset owners.”

State Street’s multi-asset class platform offers asset allocators a single platform that provides insights into performance, risk, cash management and more. The capabilities enabled by Solovis empower clients to calculate performance at every level of a portfolio with all available data points, calculate liquidity on select investments or for the whole portfolio, and analyze exposures across public and private assets.

“The complexity of today’s investment landscape has increased the need for greater transparency across all asset classes and portfolios,” said Brenda Lyons, head of product for State Street Global Services. “For example, asset owners are increasing allocation to alternatives, which require more robust analytics and reporting than traditional assets. To meet this demand for increased visibility, we’ve partnered with Solovis and designed a comprehensive, multi-asset class platform that will equip firms with the information and insights they need to track performance and identify new opportunities for growth.”

Source: State Street

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