Style Research Launches Portfolio Comparison Tool, Peer Insights, for UK and Europe

Style Research – LONDON – Style Research, an independent, global provider of portfolio style, risk and performance analytics, today debuts its Peer Insights portfolio comparison solution in the UK and Europe, expanding upon its initial US launch earlier this year. By sourcing stock-level, holdings data from Morningstar, Peer Insights allows fund managers, fund buyers and consultants to directly compare portfolios based on style factors, providing detailed and unbiased insight into the drivers of portfolios. The solution empowers investment professionals to operate with confidence in an increasingly complex and saturated landscape.

With the proliferation of smart beta and factor-based investing opportunities in the market, sophisticated analytic solutions have become a necessity. Peer Insights empowers clients to go beyond the label of mutual funds to differentiate between seemingly similar options, with an unprecedented depth of detail into their underlying – and potentially unforeseen – exposures. With 8,000 UK and EU registered funds, 17 universes and over 100 commercial benchmarks, the expanded Peer Insights solution brings peer analysis into the modern world by allowing investors to make informed decisions between an ever-growing list of portfolio options.

“We launched Peer Insights to address the disparity between the practical needs of investment professionals and existing analytic solutions,” said Peter Hopkins, COO of Style Research. “Expanding our product into new regions, with more funds data, establishes the standard for how funds’ style and risk will be compared and discussed.”

Peer Insights was launched in the US in the spring of 2016 and is the most recent addition to Style Research’s suite of style-oriented, analytical solutions. Formed in 1997, Style Research supports more than 300 clients in 28 countries.


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