Summer C-Level Series: Alasdair Haynes, Aquis Exchange

Terry Flanagan

What have been the major themes of your business so far this year?

We launched Aquis Exchange at the very end of 2013, so the first half of this year has all been about executing our business plan. We have been incredibly busy rolling out new markets – we now cover 12 countries – adding to our stock list and of course connecting up new clients.

Alasdair Haynes, Aquis Exchang

Alasdair Haynes, Aquis Exchange

What has surprised you in 2014?

A particular ‘bonus’ for us has been the publication of Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys. While much of what is said in the book is exaggerated or not applicable to Europe, he does make a very good point that certain practices in the market are not transparent and fair. This echoes the principles behind Aquis Exchange, where we have introduced subscription pricing so all clients pay a fixed monthly fee and no one is given rebates. We believe this is a much fairer and transparent way of conducting business.

What are your expectations for the duration of 2014?

On the macro front, we are optimistic that demand for equities will be strong. Within Aquis Exchange specifically, we are anticipating a significant number of new clients to come on board and we also have plans for new products, which we hope to launch during Q3.

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