Saifr began in Fidelity Labs, Fidelity Investments’ in-house software incubator.

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AI Helps Generate Alpha

Asset managers are increasing budgets for alpha-generating technologies.

Hamilton Lane joins J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Morningstar, and Broadridge in Tifin's funding round.

Transformation we are living through now could be as big as the internet in the 1990s.

Sell-side firms with money to invest have an opportunity to capture market share.

AlphaSense uses AI and NLP to extract relevant insights from public and private content.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, powered by cloud, are moving into mainstream use. 

Data extraction and integration is the second stage of a digitization process.

Increased electronification has created useable and accessible real-time and historic trade data.

The fintech uses data so institutions can assess the environment impact of their portfolios.