The ($65K) Human Journey


For an immersive anthropological journey, rediscover the past and venture through the foundations of society with National Geographic. The Human Journey: Tracing Legendary Peoples and Sacred Places with Dr. Spencer is among three new additions to National Geographic’s Around the World Expeditions to either satisfy or intensify your wanderlust. Join geneticist, anthropologist, and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, Spencer Wells, on a remarkable private jet journey to ancient cities and legendary civilizations. Through a thoughtfully crafted 24-day itinerary, explore the magnificent landscapes, revered locations, remote cultures, and enduring legacies imprinted within our shared human history.

The Human Journey: Tracing Legendary Peoples and Sacred Places with Dr. Spencer Wells - See more at: http://www.nationalgeographicexpeditions.com/expeditions/human-journey-private-jet-trip/

Stay within the finest accommodations, selected for their premier locations and amenities, while National Geographic manages the details of the expedition. Accompanied by a trusted team of National Geographic experts, enjoy enriching insights from seasoned specialists and experience exclusive access to treasured landmarks, museums, and archeological sites. Marvel at historical architecture, wander through vivid bazaars, and discover, firsthand, the cultural wonders of Georgia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and Israel. Journeying through several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Ethiopia’s fascinating 13th century subterranean churches, immerse yourself in the history and spirituality connecting the human race.

The once-in-a-lifetime exploration of the human journey begins and ends in London, England with a starting rate of $64,950 per person. The first expedition is set for May 11 through June 03, 2015.

For more information or descriptions of additional National Geographic World Expeditions visit the website: http://nationalgeographicexpeditions.com/destinations/aroundtheworld

Images via National Geographic Expedition

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